BCW helps researchers through the whole cycle or at specific stages of development of their studies. We also understand that a study does not end at the point of delivery of samples. At BCW, we continue to support our customers well beyond the close-out of a study.

Our IRB/EC approved protocols are conducted at our wholly owned facilities, but we also count with an extensive Collection Network broadening the availability of D/Ps of that can also assist to meet your specific needs. This Collection Network has been duly inspected and adhere to our Good Manufacturing Practices thus ensuring reliability during the collection process. In addition to this we train and evidence training as part of our Quality Assurance Program in order to maintain the level of quality that our customers are accustomed to.

BCW will work closely with your organization from project initiation through completion.

What we provide:

  • Study Design
  • D/P Availability
  • Kitting Services
  • Collection Services
  • In-House Testing Services
  • Bio-Repository Services
  • Logistical Management