February 2, 2004

BioCollections Worldwide, Inc. announced the launching of a recruitment initiative that will establish a global network of phlebotomists to collect blood specimens for companies and researchers around the world. The Collection Network recruits phlebotomists and laboratories with specimen collection services to collect specimens from subjects and patients in their community who have agreed to participate in clinical studies. BioCollections, based in Miami, is an international organization specializing in the collection of biological material from different diagnostic and demographic individuals for clinical research studies. Their clients include a wide variety of research companies and organizations requiring specimens for commercial and research purposes. Phlebotomists and other healthcare professionals with specimen responsibilities who register in the company's database will collect specimens that help their client clinicians develop new diagnostic tools and seek cures for the diseases that afflict humanity. BioCollections' donor/participant database is comprised of individuals from different demographical and diagnostic backgrounds guaranteeing researchers a diverse donor pool for conducting clinical trials and research studies. The network will be the world's first database of phlebotomists that can be deployed to collect specimens from a targeted demographic and establishes an infrastructure previously non-existent in the industry. Although insurance carriers contract with companies and individual to draw specimens from their life insurance applicants, the agencies deploy medical assistants only for that purpose. BioCollections phlebotomists must be experienced and will be trained in the specimen requirements unique to each study.

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